The 7th All Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture

Dates: 29th July-2nd August, 2019

Venue: Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana

Theme: Innovations to secure the future of animal agriculture

in Africa in a globalizing world

Call for Papers and Posters

The Organizing Committee is glad to announce call for papers and posters for the 7th All Africa Conference on Animal Agriculture (AACAA) to be held at the Accra International Conference Centre, Ghana, 29thJuly-2nd August, 2019. The conference is being organised by the All Africa Society for Animal Production (AASAP) in association with the Ghana Society of Animal Production (GSAP), the Ghana Animal Science Association (GASA), and the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA). The theme for the conference is: Innovations to secure the future of African animal agriculture in a globalizing world with the following sub-themes:

  1. Smallholder-dairy – opportunities, challenges and future prospects
  2. Smallholder poultry production in Africa – which way forward now?
  3. Delivery of animal health services in Africa – the last mile challenge
  4. Working Animals – the animal and human welfare dimensions
  5. Climate change – the smallholder livestock dimension
  6. Capacity development and partnerships to drive innovations in animal agriculture
  1. Opportunities and challenges for developing data platforms for decision-making in livestock development
  2. Innovative financing of African livestock R&D in the next decade

Authors may submit articles based on research, case reports, retrospective studies or participation interests in exhibitions or practical demonstrations within the realms of the conference. Articles should be submitted by E-mail to with a copy to the Editor-in-Chief on email: Authors are requested to indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation and give their preferred sub-theme. Selected outstanding papers presented at the conference will be published in a Topical Collections edition of Tropical Animal Health and Production (TAHP).

Instructions to authors

General presentation

The manuscript shall be in English, typed double spaced, Times New Roman, font size 12, left and right justified and typeset on A4 and a 2.5 cm margin at all sides. The manuscript will be presented in the conventional format including title, abstract and key words, introduction, material and methods, results, discussion, acknowledgements and references and should follow the format of the Tropical Animal Health and Production journal.

Title page

The title page shall include the title of the article, the surname and initials of the forenames and institutional affiliation. The email address of all the authors should be provided and that of the corresponding author be marked by asterisk.


The abstract should be 150-250 words and concise. It should contain no paragraphs, footnote, cross-references to figures and tables or undefined abbreviations.

Keywords should be up to five and should avoid words already in the title but based on the key messages of the paper. They should be written in lowercase letters, separated by commas and presented in alphabetical order.


Introduction should be brief but contain sufficient information reviewing important areas, justification and objectives of the study.

Materials and Methods

This section should contain sufficient details to enable replication of the procedures. Previously established procedures should only be referenced rather than described in the article.


The results should be appropriately detailed. Tables and figures should be used only when they add value to the narrative.

Discussion, conclusion and implications

Should discuss the results and adequately cover related published information. Conclusions should not restate results but indicate inferences from the results. Implications of the finding(s) should be clearly stated.


Authors should ensure that all other individuals or organizations which contributed financial, technical or editorial support are appropriately acknowledged.


In the text, references should only contain the surname and the year of publication of the refereed articles. When more than two authors are involved the first author followed by et al should be used. In the listing they should be arranged in alphabetical order at the end of the article and be detailed as follows;


Kuria, S.G., Gachuiri, C.K., Wanyoike, M.M. and Wahome, R.G. 2004. Effect of mineral supplementation on milk yield and calf growth of camels in Marsabit district of Kenya. J. Camel Pract. Res., 11(2): 87-96.


Hulsebusch, C.G. and Kaufmann, B.A. 2002. Camel breeds and breeding in Northern Kenya. Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Nairobi, Kenya. pp 150.

Chapter in book

Wango, J., and Farah, Z. 2004. Methods for quality control. In: Milk and meat from the camel. Farah and A. Fisher (Eds). Vdf Hochshulverlag AG publ., Zurich (Switzerland), pp 51-65.

Tables, figures, pictures

All figures and tables should be numbered in Arabic numerals and should be referred to in the text as such e.g. Figure 1 or Table 4. The title of each table should be written above the corresponding table. Photographs should be presented in the electronic form of JPEG.


Posters should fit into poster board measuring 1682 x 2378mm. The poster should be:

  • Simple, informative, visually appealing and attractive
  • Easy to read and understand with relevant legend
  • Contain text and illustrative material harmoniously combined to produce effective presentation
  • Tell the complete story

Length of papers

Invited papers must not exceed 8 pages (about 4,000 words including illustrations and tables); contributed papers must not be longer than 10 pages and poster papers must be 4 pages or less – all double spaced

Important dates

  • Early bird registration close: 30st April 2019
  • Late registration: 28th July 2019
  • Start of receipt of abstracts/full papers: 2nd January 2019
  • Paper submission close date: 30th March 2019

Contact address

The 7th AACAA Secretariat

C/O Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA)

No. 12 Anmeda Street, Roman Ridge

PMB CT 173, Accra-Ghana

Tel: (+233) 302772823; (+233)302779421.



Accra, Ghana.

For Online Abstract and Papers submission please send them to